BitcoinGallery.com sells art pieces that are registered on the bitcoin blockchain using ArtChain.info for authentication. Click on any image to see more information and a link to the ArtChain.info digital certificate of authenticity for each art piece.

ArtChain.info tracks the chain of ownership of the pieces back to the artist or gallery. The artists and galleries we work with register each art piece on the bitcoin blockchain using ArtChain.info. This registration proves the art is authentic. After you purchase an art piece, we transfer the full balance from the current owner bitcoin address to a bitcoin address you provide so that your address will be shown as the current owner of the art piece on ArtChain.info.  You can then do the same for a new buyer if you ever decide to sell the art piece.

We also sell art pieces from deceased artists such as Salvador Dali. These art pieces are registered on ArtChain.info by each art gallery. We only work with highly respected, well known galleries so the registration on ArtChain.info still provides a high degree of authenticity.  A highly respected gallery is not going to risk selling a fake art piece, and so all subsequent buyers inherit the gallery's reputation for selling authentic art.

Each artist or gallery is assigned a master bitcoin address from which all of their art pieces are linked. This enables buyers to verify an art piece is authentic because it truly originates from the artist or gallery. When a collector wants to sell an art piece, they can prove to prospective buyers the art piece is authentic by pointing to the registration on the bitcoin blockchain. In addition to transferring the physical art piece to the new buyer, a collector can transfer the blockchain registration, thereby updating the chain of ownership on ArtChain.info to reflect the new buyer as the current owner of the art piece. Here is an example art certificate of authenticity generated by ArtChain.info:

Each artist or gallery can publish their master bitcoin address on their website and other marketing material in order to validate the corresponding bitcoin address published on ArtChain.info. Once the master bitcoin address for an artist or gallery becomes well known to the art world, anyone claiming to hold a particular art piece can authenticate the art by showing it links back to the artist's or gallery's master bitcoin address in the bitcoin blockchain.  Since the bitcoin blockchain is immutable and permanent, this record of ownership and certificate of authenticity is etched into the Internet forever. Here is an example from Deborah Azzopardi's website showing an artist published bitcoin address:

Bitcoin Gallery.com sells art pieces already registered on the bitcoin blockchain by many of today's most popular artists such as Alec Monopoly, Deborah Azzopardi,  Alexei Butirskiy, Gil Bruvel, Cheryl Kelley, Walfrido Garcia, Aldo Luongo, and many other well known artists.