Art Contest 100 Contest

First Place: 100,000 ARTC Tokens

Second Place: 50,000 ARTC Tokens

Third Place: 10,000 ARTC Tokens

Each Entrant is also awarded 1,000 ARTC Tokens

Winner: TBD

To enter the 100 Contest, fill out the form below including a link to a webpage that displays the art piece you would like entered in the contest. A winner is chosen after we receive 100 entries. Below is a list of the current entrants and a link to the art piece they entered. More information about the ARTC Tokens can be found here:

Entry Form:

Thanks! Message sent.

Current Entrants                      Art Piece

1. Michelle Larson                    Van Gogh

2. Sara Rainoldi                 Estres Mental

3. Savannah Myke               My Septicart

4. Adina Nizam                       Blue Ocean

5. Aleeshbah Sarhandi      Silver of Light

6. Kevin Daly               The Old Waterman