Deborah Azzopardi

"Love is the Answer"
2016 Limited Edition Silk-Screen Print with Platinum Leaf
Hand signed and numbered by Deborah Azzopardi, Mitch and Janis Winehouse
47 5/8" x 34 1/4"
Edition #7/15


"Hello, Can you Hear Me?"
2016 Original Acrylic on 400g paper
33" x 34"


Deborah Azzopardi has been producing her distinctive, playful images for over 30 years. She is determined to enjoy life to the fullest, to express herself creatively, whether or not her work is commercially viable. Essential to her success is painting things that make her happy. As a result, her images are inviting, colourful, and honest. Without any great philosophical mission, she is free to play with the drama and joy of the everyday. She breaks her subjects down into vibrant segments, into moments we have all experienced, and which she has captured forever in paint.

The respect she has gained in publishing reflects the honesty and innocence of her intentions. The viewer is allowed to ponder, without preconceptions, the moments she represents. Her paintings and Limited Editions celebrate the comedy of turbulent relationships, seductions, the fantasies and worries of us all. To possess a piece of her work is to embrace the qualities that make us human, to be captivated by her palette of colour.