Toby Boothman

"Girl on stern, Elena"

Oil on canvas
66 x 66 cm



Oil on Canvas
115 x 100 cm



Oil on Canvas
54 x 90 cm


"Time check, Blitzen"

Oil on Canvas
50 x 75 cm


"White Bikini"

Oil on Canvas
93 x 178 cm


Toby Boothman was born in 1973 in Bristol in the United Kingdom.

In 1994 Toby Boothman went to study under the direction of Master Patrick Betaudier in Monflanquin in France at the Atelier Neo Medici. Toby Boothman was taught a modern version of the Renaissance technique known as the Technique Mixed. This technique, which combines detailed under painting with transparent oil glazes, dates back to the time of the 15th century Flemish master Jan van Eyck. Over the years Toby Boothman has modified the technique to enhance his paintings.

Toby Boothman currently exhibit his works at the Plus One Gallery in London and Galerie Mickael Marciano in Paris.

Recently Toby Boothman has been working on commissions for private individuals and special commissions for Super yacht and jet interiors. He is currently working towards a nude themed solo show at the Galerie Mickael Marciano in Paris.

Toby Boothman is married with 3 children, and living and working in  St Tropez, in the south of France.