Nemo Jantzen

"Coffee Shop"

Glass/Resin spheres
152 x 168 cm



Glass/Resin spheres
180 x 180 cm


"Muze (Edie Sedgwick)"

Glass/Resin spheres
141 x 180 cm


"Good Vibrations"

Glass/Resin spheres
154 x 205 cm


"Rock On"

Glass/Resin spheres
158 x 161 cm


"In the latest body of work the Dutch artist Nemo Jantzen goes beyond telling a one image story and depicting a voyeuristic look into another world and reality. By carefully selecting hundreds of photographic images by color and theme Nemo takes Neo-pointillism to the next level exploring the dialogue of narrative tropes in an image soaked in contemporary environment and collective unconscious . A magical plethora of colors with hundreds of images depicting, stories, momentous, personal experiences and cinematographic scenes encapsulated in crystal spheres that together form large compositions and portraits reflecting an idealized world filtered through the demands of the eye of the beholder."