King of Pop Art

Nelson De La Nuez

"Take the Crypto & Run"

Hand painted, mixed media (silkscreen & acrylics) on canvas


"The Good Life"

Hand painted, mixed media (silkscreen & acrylics) on canvas
48" x 63.5"


"Boardroom Panic"

Hand painted, mixed media (silkscreen & acrylics) on canvas
48" x 62"


"Yacht Life"

Mixed Media Oil Pastels on Paper

Framed with linen liner and plexiglass
40" x 48"


"Famous (Mickey)"

Hand painted, mixed media on canvas
52" x 52"


Nelson De La Nuez is one of the world's most collected, significant pop artists today, Nelson De La Nuez is a born iconoclast. His story of coming from Cuba as a child with his parents, literally with nothing and having risen to the top in his creative field, as an American pop artist who is known for his pop Americana themes, is nothing short of ironic and inspirational.
Listed on the “Who’s Who List of the Most Collected Artists of Our Time,” his works are original, bold and outspoken.  The artist is known for his distinctive, trademarked style called “Art on the Edge,” which is creating art on all sides of the canvas and wood.

De La Nuez’s artwork is hanging in some of the most prominent, private collections of movie stars, directors, producers, comedians, corporations and fine art connoisseurs, as well as purchased for auctions by Sotheby's.  
The art sells out consistently at the major shows such as Art Basel Miami, Art Southampton and Hong Kong Art Basel and worldwide at his galleries.

You will see his work hanging in many corporate collections, including the permanent, private collections at the prestigious Delta One VIP and Delta SkyClub lounges at LAX and JFK and in the personal collection at Kim Kardashian's ShoeDazzle headquarters lobby.

He was also commissioned to create a custom piece of artwork by Hermes to celebrate an elaborate new store opening/expansion in the Las Vegas Shops at Crystals.
His recent partnership is with the prestigious Swiss watchmaker Corum; De La Nuez has created his own collections of the iconic Corum Bubble watches.

Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum noted, "Nelson De La Nuez is one of those artists who doesn't follow trends, who creates his own universe by gathering inspiration from his surroundings and always manages to be innovative."

The Nelson De La Nuez "King of Pop Art®" licensed designer brands are composed of many collections that have merged art, fashion, home decor and design. His brands have sold out in Neiman Marcus, Sak's Fifth Ave, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom and more...

See more information on his site or at galleries worldwide.