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There has been some "big" news recently about how a few art galleries are now accepting bitcoin as payment for art pieces, such as the Dadiani Fine Art gallery in London and the Thierry B Fine Art gallery in Melbourne. An obvious shortcoming of this "big" news is there are literally thousands of popular artists around the world represented by hundreds of galleries. Being able to buy art with bitcoin from this tiny sliver of the art market is hardly "big" news.

A significant limitation with restricting the use of bitcoin to a few galleries is that each art gallery typically represents a limited cadre of the artist community. Limiting the use of bitcoin to this tiny sliver of art means that bitcoin is effectively not being used to purchase art. is an online art gallery working to expand the lens of available art for purchase using bitcoin by effectively providing access to any artist in the world. We currently have several art pieces for sale from some of today's most popular contemporary artists, such as Alec Monopoly, Deborah Azzopardi, John Stango, Paul Béliveau, Cheryl Kelly, Randy Ford, and Alexei Butirskiy.

In addition, all of the art we sell is registered on the bitcoin blockchain by each artist using The value of art is directly related to the proof of authenticity, and there is no better proof than having the art registered on the bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin - Buy art using bitcoin

If you are looking to purchase art from any artist using bitcoin, will work on acquiring the piece and facilitating your purchase using bitcoin. We can also have the artist register any art piece you purchase on the bitcoin blockchain using so you can prove the art piece is authentic forever. You can also transfer the digital certificate of authenticity shown on to a new buyer if you ever decide to sell the art piece.

Please contact us for more details:

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