Famed Artist Deborah Azzopardi Registers with ArtChain.info

Pictured: "Hello, Can You Hear Me?" by Deborah Azzopardi

ArtChain.info is pleased to announce that renowned artist Deborah Azzopardi has registered her works on ArtChain.info. Deborah Azzopardi in now a part of the effort to build the one website that will track the provenance of every piece of art in the world. ArtChain.info uses the Bitcoin Blockchain to track the sale of artworks from their creation and registration through each subsequent purchase, creating an unbreakable chain of ownership.

In addition to the benefits derived from authenticating her art, Deborah is now part of the ArtChain.Info effort to distribute ARTC Tokens to artists who are willing to have their art protected from fraud by registering their works on the bitcoin blockchain. Deborah is now part of a decentralized community of artists working toward building the most encompassing art registry in the world.

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