Rewarding Artists Who Embrace the Future

According to experts on art provenance and experts on the Bitcoin Blockchain, the future of art certification is a site that makes use of blockchain technology that will enable them track every art piece in the world. ArtChain.Info has built that site and is busy adding artists that understand the benefits of having a unique address assigned to works so that a buyer can track a work of art from the artist to the seller offering it to them through that unique address, thus assuring provenance.

There are two things about this advancement that make it difficult for websites to get artists, galleries and collectors to sign up.

First- this is a significant change from the way things are done now, with no immediate benefit to artists or galleries for listing with most of the sites, outside of the benefits of the registration and provenance services provided by these firms. Second, while the artists and their work are critical to the success of these sites, only one of them- is focusing on the artists to build the site- including the award of crypto-currency tokens (the ARTC) to artists who register their works. works by creating a master-key for each artist, further focusing on the contributions of the artist as most important.

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