Terry Thompson


Oil on canvas
H 45 in. x W 30 in.



Oil on canvas
30 x 48 in


"Charlie Bell"

Oil on canvas
30" x 45"


"El Tavern"

Oil on canvas
H 40 in. x W 60 in.



Oil on canvas
60 x 40 in


Terry Thompson lives and works in San Francisco. Born and raised in the South Bay, Terry Thompson received his MFA from San Jose State University after working for several years in the Silicon Valley as an equipment engineer for various high tech companies.

For nearly twenty years, Terry Thompson has focused primarily on paintings of old neon signs that have somehow avoided the wrecking ball—signs that have lived. He see these sculptural signs as historically and emotionally charged metaphors for unrelenting time. He strives to reveal the hidden beauty of these banal, rusty relics, by rendering them in oil paint.

Terry Thompson also paints various "Pop" culture products that contain interesting typography and graphics on the packaging. Text is the common thread that runs through this work and most of his sign paintings.