Dorian Vallejo

"On Almost Any Morning"

Oil on panel
38" x 42"


"Our Lives Overlap"

Oil on canvas
31" x 35"


"Nighttime Sea Journey"

Oil on panel
18” x 30”


"The Clarity of Thought"

Oil on panel
22" x 26"


"As Has Always Been"

Oil on panel
20" x 24"


Born into an artistic family, Dorian Vallejo's career began when he began illustrating book covers while attending the School of Visual Arts, in New York. As the field increasingly began to incorporate the use of computer-generated images, Vallejo felt the need to pursue other avenues with his art. His love of traditional media and the figure, drew him to portraiture and to focus on personal work, which he shows in galleries. These days Vallejo spends most of his time creating paintings and drawings for sale through galleries.

Artist's Statement:  Artistically, I engage ideas that converge philosophically and aesthetically. I am fascinated by the process of individuation and its potential for archetypal expression.

To that end, my paintings and drawings often suggest a symbolic narrative. This narrative is meant to represent our mediation between the limits of perceived reality and the quest for excellence.

I am also interested in beauty as a metaphor. Here is where I seek to capture the transient poetry of life.
Increasingly, what I find exciting is paying attention to the visual stimulus life offers on a daily basis. This seems like the proper work of an artist.